We decided to have a little bonfire at our allotment this morning. We have a huge pile of hedge cuttings in the middle of our allotment, that we cut down prior to nesting season. It’s mostly brambles and hawthorn, and I am really conscious of the children playing near it as it’s really spiky and dangerous.

A visiting chicken

When we arrived, the first thing we spotted was a random chicken that was running around our plot. She didn’t want to be anywhere near us, but Amy & Ava were really excited to see her, I think they will love it when we get our own chickens this year!


We wandered over to the shed to follow the chicken, and the door was ajar. My first thought was, ‘whoa, did I really leave the shed open?’ But then noticed that the lock was still fastened, and the door had been forced open. Luckily, nothing had been taken or disturbed, so they were obviously looking for petrol tools, but still it left me feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach.

Standing Water

After all the rain we had over the last few weeks, we have a lot of standing water on the allotment. Its swamp-like, and I sink over a foot into the mud at some points. I came very close to loosing my wellies, I stand absolutely no chance of doing any weeding. The little ones find me sinking funny, and with them being much lighter they fare much better than me! Ava hates the mud and cries when she sinks, so when it’s like this we can’t spend much time down at the allotment, I hope it dries up soon as we have big plans this year.

Plans for a pond & frogspawn hunting

One of the grand plans for this year is to attract more wildlife into the allotment. We want to do this by including lots of flowers to attract the bees, and a pond which will hopefully be home to a few frogs. The children love nature, so it will be lovely to see lots of wildlife at our little allotment.

We decided to hunt for some frogspawn to add to our little pond in a few weeks. Our plan was to find a little tank, and to raise them indoors so that the children can watch the transformation from frogspawn, to tadpoles to frogs.

Unfortunately, it was a little too early in the year for us northerners and we didn’t even see a frog. We are planning on trying again in a week or so.

My little frogspawn hunters

These gorgeous daffodils are growing outside one of the neighbouring plots. They are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait for our daffodils to flower.

I hope everyone else is having a better start to March than we are, happy growing!