The Garden Plan

A few years ago, a lovely lady gave us greenhouse. I had posted on Facebook to ask if anyone had any spare water pipe, and explained that we were going to build a polytunnel, and a lady responded to say she had a plastic greenhouse we could have. I thought she ment a tiny plastic one and was absolutely blown away when we arrived and she gave us this full-sized one.

We decided to build an area for our new greenhouse to stand in our garden. We managed to make some staging entirely out of reclaimed wood and nails. Two years on and some of the pallet boards we used for the floor have started to break and rot. We knew they wood (get it?) , but it had hoped they would last at least another year.


The greenhouse we were given from freecycle, it was a completely nightmare to rebuild without instructions!

The decking area as we were building it two years ago.

In its glory days, when freshly painted.

diy greenhouse staging from pallets

The DIY staging Mr T built out of reclaimed wood.


The decking we built at the back is really dangerous, when its wet it’s really slippy and some of the boards have given way leaving holes. We also have another ongoing issue, four growing children need an awful lot of storage space! We have decided to build another shed to create more storage, and to pave an area for the greenhouse to stand on.

We will hopefully build the shed this summer, and pave the space for the greenhouse overwinter. I am really looking forward to having a nice paved area for the greenhouse to sit on next year, and Mr T is excited to have a home for our bikes and outdoor toys.

The dismantled staging ready to paint & rebuild

Two weeks ago we dismantled the staging and leveled the ground in front of that area, then moved the greenhouse to its temporary home on the lawn for this growing season. We dug the turf off the lawn, leveled the ground and then put down some weed membrane.

While the decking was dismantled I thought it would be a great idea to paint it. Then ‘Storm Doris’ happened, and its rained everyday since!


Our poor garden. I’ve reseeded the grass where it had died under the trampoline.

We also had to move our dahlia tubers to their new home in the border on the left, and I reseeded the grass which has died over winter where our trampoline has stood.

Today I finally gave in and started painting the dismantled decking in the greenhouse. Ava joined me and insisted on holding my hand, or sitting on my knee while I painted, which made the whole experience interesting!

I really can’t wait for the staging to be painted and reassembled so I am ready to start planting in the next few weeks. We are based in Yorkshire and it’s always a little colder up north, and I do get really itchy gardeners fingers when I see southerners seedlings starting to grow.

Hot Chillis and Sweet Peppers

We have sown our pepper seeds, and their home for the next few weeks is on our bedroom windowsill. My little cactus has been pushed to one side to make way for them!

Last year we filled 2 polytunnels of cucumbers and tomatoes. It was way too much and sadly some (lots) of them went to waste, because I just didn’t have the time to preserve or use them.

This year we have decided only plant one polytunnel with tomatoes, but with double the spacing compared to last year. The second polytunnel I want to fill with strawberries, mixed salad leaves and these yummy peppers.

A chilli disappointment

I have had my eye on a few varieties of hot peppers I wanted to try including ‘Hungarian Hot Wax’ and ‘Scotch Bonnet’.  I found a Ebay seller who was selling a mix of those seeds and four more, so I decided to buy them. The seeds arrived a few days ago, but the problem is; they are all mixed together and I have no idea which seeds are which variety. It’s a shame as I really would love to know. I’ve planted them anyway, so I guess I am in for a surprise. And I’ve learnt my lesson, I won’t be buying from unknown seller on Ebay again without scouring the reviews!

The Hots

Scotch Bonnet
Whippets Tail
Hungarian Hot Wax
Prairie Fire
Red Demon
Chocolate Habanero
De Cayenne

The Sweets

Corbaci (Heirloom)
California Wonder

I think I am most looking forward to seeing the ‘Corbaci’ variety, as the shape and colour of the peppers look amazing.


Image Credit | Smart Seeds @ Etsy

These daffs make me smile every year. They were the first ones to bloom in our garden, and they are also the ones my 7 year old brought for me from school, 2 years ago. I really am such an easy person to please, I’m not very materialistic and don’t value ‘things’ as much as I value moments and memories, and I hope these little daffs are still flowering in many years to come when he’s a teen!

What is your favourite homegrown variety of pepper?