I am a little late in creating this plan, mainly beacause ive been working so hard to make sure the ground and allotment is ready for planting. This year we want to sow grass seed on the paths, but before I can do this I need to remove all the perenial weeds and level the ground. I cant wait to get the ground leveled and grass seed sown, I think it will make a huge difference to our allotment this year. Their are other big plans, including a pond area & a cut flower patch.

I would also like to build a ‘kitchen’ area near our gate and tap, and build a outdoor kitchen, with working tap/sink, and some more staging for our polytunnel. My aim is to extend our growing season and grow salad crops until late autumn.

Grass Paths

We have decided on grass paths as they are a safe option for the children, last year we marked the beds with string and canes and left the paths as mud, but the weeds grew and I think I spent more time hoeing the path than the beds. The canes and string were also a little dangerous for our younger children, and it was harder to tell where the paths were when the beds were empty.

The Beds

We decided to create 6m x 3m beds last year, and we have decided to continue with that this year. Most of the beds are this size except one which shares its space with an apple tree so is slightly smaller.

Polytunnel 1

The plan for this polytunnel may change, but currently we plan to fill one side with chillis and the second side strawberrys and salad leaves. This is the polytunnel that I would like to build some staging for if we have time this year.

You may have already read that we have had a problem with our chilli seeds this year. I bought a variety pack of seeds from Ebay and when it arrived all the seeds were mixed together, so this year some of the chillis will be a surprise!

The Mixed Chilli Pack Contains:

Scotch Bonnet
Whippets Tail
Hungarian Hot Wax
Prairie Fire
Red Demon
Chocolate Habanero

I am also growing:

De Cayenne (Chilli)
Corbaci (Heirloom Sweet)
California Wonder (Sweet)
Romanian (Sweet)

Polytunnel 2

The second polytunnel will home 4 varieties of tomatoes, 40 plants in total. Last year we planted well over 160 tomato plants and they did brilliantly! We didn’t have time to care for them properly and they still produced a huge crop. The problem was we grew far more than we needed and lots went to waste because we didn’t have time to preserve / store them. This year we will be growing far less, and this should mean we have more time to care for the ones we have.

10 x Golden Sunrise
10 x Sweet Million
10 x Money Maker
10 x Roma VF

Squash Bed (B1)

The squash bed will be home to our pumpkins, courgettes and butternut squash. Our pumpkins and courgettes did really well last year and produced enough to feed our little family. The butternut squash didn’t fair as well, and they were really late to mature. This year we will be growing a new variety of pumpkin called ‘big max’ along with some more unusual variety’s of squash that are completely new to us, and I cant wait to see how they do!

3 x Pumpkins – Big Max
3 x Pumpkins – Rouge vif d’Etampes
3 x Butternut Squash – Waltham
3 x Squash – Yellow Bush
3 x Courgette – Golden
3 x Courgette – Black Beauty

Onions & Garlic (B2)

Our garlic and onion bed is one of the smallest beds at our allotment measuring approximately 3m x 4.5m. It is really close to our apple tree, and the tree creates a lot of shade and takes a lot of moisture out of the ground so we need to be careful to water regularly. Our beds are 3 meters in length and each row will contain 19 plants.

5 Rows x Onions –
4 Rows x Shallots –
1 x Row x Garlic – Germidour
2 x Row x Garlic – Cassablanca

Legumes (B3)

We have two legume beds this year, and plant to rotate these with our brassica, potato and root beds.

2 Rows x Broad Beans – ‘Karmazyn’ (2 Rows of 11)
4 Rows x Dwarf French Beans
4 Rows x Dwarf French Beans
6 Rows x Peas (Successional Sowing’s) Kelevadon Wonder /


Legumes (B4)

The second legume bed will home some of our taller varieties.

4 x Rows of Sweetcorn – (8 Sweetcorn Per Row)
2 x Rows of Runner Beans (19 per row)
4 x Rows of Climbing French Beans (19 per row)

Brassicas (B5)

Our first brassica bed will be home to our cabbages, broccoli and kale

4 rows x Broccoli –
2 rows x Kale –
2 rows x Cabbage –
2 rows x Cabbage –
2 rows x Cabbage –

Brassicas (B6)

We are growing a fairly new variety of sprouts called Kalettes or Flower Sprouts this year along side regular sprouts.

4 rows –  Sprouts –
4 rows – Flower Sprouts –
1 row – Cauliflower –

Potatoes (B7 & B8)

We are mainly growing main crop ‘Maris Pier’ potatoes this year, with 2 rows of ‘Cara’.

14 rows Potatoes – Maris Pier (7 potatoes per row)
2 rows Potatoes – Cara (7 potatoes per row)

Roots (B9 & B10)


B11 & B12

I want to prepare these beds for planting next year. I hope that one can home a fruit cage, and the other bed possibly may be home to some chickens! We bought a chicken coop last year. It needs a fresh coat of paint, and some tlc first.

The Cut Flower Patch

This is the part of the allotment I am most excited about this year! I have been doing lots of research and have decided on lots of different variety I will be growing.


I have to admit I am a little obsessed with Dahlias this year. I have chosen three of the different collections from Sarah Raven to grow in our garden and at our allotment, and I am really hoping that I can sucessfully take some cuttings to create more plants. The collections we have chosen are (left to right) ‘Café au Lait’, ‘Soft and Dreamy’, and ‘William Morris Dahlia Collection’. This is my first year growing flowers (other than a few in my garden) and it could go horribly wrong! But I’ve done lots of research and I am hoping to have a garden & allotment full of beautiful flowers this summer.

Dahlia – ‘Bacardi’
Dahlia – ‘Café au Lait’
Dahlia – ‘Henriette’
Dahlia – ‘Labyrinth’
Dahlia – ‘Totally Tangerine’
Dahlia – ‘Melody Harmony’
Dahlia – ‘Wizard of Oz’
Oxeye Daisy
Phlox – ‘David’
Verbena bonariensis


Archangelica  – Holy Ghost,
Aster – ‘Colur Carpet’
Aster – ‘Dutchess Mixed’
Aster – ‘Ostrich Plume Mix’
Brachycome Iberuduflora – ‘Swan River Island Mix’
Calendula – ‘Touch of Red’
Clary – ‘Salvia horminum Bouquet Mix’
Cornflower – ‘Polka Dot Mix’
French Marigold – ‘Boy-O-Boy Mix’
Godetia – ‘Little Frills Mix’
Lagurus Ovatus – ‘Bunny’s Tail’
Lavertera – ‘Pastel Mixed’
Livingstone Daisy – ‘Sparkles Mix’
Malva ‘Zebrina’
Nasturtium – ‘Tall And Trailing Mix’
Scabious – ‘Crown Tall Mix’
Scabious – ‘Stellara Ping Pong’
Sunflower – ‘Giant Single’
Sunflower – ‘Lemon Tall’
Sweet William – ‘Indian Carpet Mix’
Verbena Hybrida – ‘Ideal Florist Mix’
Zinnia – ‘Dahlia Mixed’
Zinnia – ‘Early Wonder Mixed’
Zinnia – Faberge Mix

Foliage Plants (All Annual)

Panicum elegans ‘Frosted Explosion’
Bupleurum rotundifolium ‘Griffithii’
Ammi majus (Bishops Flower)
Anethum graveolens (Dill)

It will be really interesting to see how the flowers do this year, and I cant wait to see the allotment in bloom.

Do you have a favourite variety of cut flower? Please do share in the comments, I would love to know.
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